Vires Cervisiam




Our brewery is situated in Beckenham, Kent and is within Greater London, being part of the London Borough of Bromley.

Saxon, Iron Age and Roman remains have been found in Beckenham and the name is thought to mean "Beohha's homestead". Beohha was a Saxon leader and farmer. The village is also shown in the Doomsday book of 1086. It is recorded that Henry VIII was a frequent visitor to Beckenham, using it as an overnight stop on his travels to see Anne Boleyn at Hever Castle. The river that flows through the town is called the Beck, but this name is a ‘back formation’, which is to say that the name ‘Beckenham’ came first.

We brew to traditional English standards and think we are leaders in the field of home brew, so we have taken the name “Beohha” to represent the high quality of our brewing. Our motto, “Vires Cervisiam”, means “Strength through beer” and epitomises the finest ingredients and nourishment you get from imbibing our excellent beverages!